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 MATCO, About us

Matco, at it’s core, is a family business that creates top quality flooring products on the cutting edge of trend technologies.

With a rich history and heritage that dates back to the 1940s, Matco is well established as a world class rubber and entrance mat manufacturer and supplier of flooring related products that promote safety and hygiene, while providing the opportunity of marketing your brand.

We specialise in reproducing company logos into a variety of different matting products for both exterior and interior needs. We also supply duckboards for food preparation areas and behind bar counters, anti-fatigue and safety matting for factory environments and non-slip matting for change rooms and areas where wet conditions can be hazardous.

Matco is known both nationally and internationally for the quality and durability of our products. This is because our products are made with top machinery and to the highest quality standards both here and abroad. Add to that our eye for design and aesthetics and you have the reason why South Africa’s retail, industrial and commercial industries have been indelibly impacted by our handiwork.

To date, Matco has set a powerful platform from which to lay hold of the future. We have an extensive product range of an exceptionally high standard, ongoing ingenuity in product development and robust international ties back to Europe ensuring that we will remain at the cutting edge of trends technology.

Add to this our BEE compliancy, great service delivery, instant client gratification with large stock holding and the fundamental belief that we can solve anything, and you can be sure that Matco is a company, a family and friend who will always help you put your best foot forward. Here are some links to our partners which we are dealing with for many years.

Since the beginning of March 2015, Matco has been aquired by the company Coba Plastics who have their headoffice in the UK. This means that we can even offer a bigger range of products because we have acces to the Coba range and we are now also represented in Cape Town by Coba Plastics.




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